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Why choose us

what we do best

Regular Supplies
You want to own or stock a product that will give you peace of mind and confidence that money was well spent.
Super Low Prices
Our mission is to provide affordable computing to all so we have strived to cut cost without compromising quality.
Grade A Products
All our products are put from a quality control process that is certified by ISO 14001:2015
Value For Money
We will provide equipment that will provide you with value and functionality for your business.

AfterSale Services

easy and effective way to get your device repaired

1. damage device
2. send it to us
3. fast fix
4. quick return


When purchasing a refurbished computers
ensure that it’s a ‘CRS’ system

The first step of the refurbishing process is the external cosmetic check of the devise and the eradication of data.
During this stage, the damaged hardware parts are replaced with brand new,or functioning refubrished parts.
In this stage we install a new, authorized Operation System in the device.
The product is carefully and thoroughly cleaned.
We always take care for even the smallest detail during the testings, such as display, sound, keyboard and mouse operation checks. If the product is properly functioning, it passes to the final stage.
Upon a successful final test, the item is safely packed with strict care and attention, and then dispatched to the customer.

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